Bin Picking Handbook


Bin picking is certainly the most complex industrial operation to automate. Combined with a vision system and software, the robot must detect and move a part randomly positioned among others in a bin or on a conveyor.

Efficient automation of the bin picking cell is essential to guarantee high reliability of the manufacturing process and optimal return on investment. To achieve these objectives, the robot must operate seamlessly and without discontinuity with the other elements of the cell.

Technological advances made in 3D sensors and software can now overcome the problems related to the automation of bin picking (contrast or shiny parts management, luminosity variations, production downtimes due to singularities or collisions, etc.). They thus open new doors for those wishing to dive into Industry 4.0.

This handbook is intended for all manufacturers who want to know more about bin picking and the criteria to consider in order to optimize cell automation for this type of operation. As a valuable source of information, it lists point by point the various elements that make up the bin picking cell and details their features.


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