Visio Nerf will be alongside ABB for the Metal Inspiration Days 2021

 On November 24th and 25th, Visio Nerf will be at ABB’s office in Jönköping for the Metal Inspiration Days 2021. Our 3D sensors Cirrus 1200 will be featured in a complete and easy solution developed by ABB called FlexLoader FP 800. This machine will be perfect for bin-picking and can be used for various types of parts and different payloads, including heavy ones.

The Metal Innovation Days are here to promote the smart manufacturacting and innovative solutions of the Swedish industry. For the eighth year, it brings together three major companies who invited their partners for exhibition : ABB, Stenbergs and Edström's. You will also be able to listen to conferences and lectures about various topics around the engineering industry and meet other professionals. 

During these days, discover our wide range of 3D vision solutions for bin-picking, robot guidance, localization of manufactured parts and quality control. Besides, our sensors can be connected to each other and work together for better precision, depending on what application you need. You can connect up to nine slave sensors to one master one. Our Cirrus 3D is hermetic and can resist harsh conditions such as dust and it is not affected by light variations, as it is developped for use in an industrial environment. Its LED projector is safe for operators and the interface of use comes up as very ergonomic and pratical. The Cirrus 3D also exists as a conveyor version, to analyze moving parts on a production path.


We are very glad to be part of this large event and thanks ABB for the opportunity to join them and present our solutions. Meet us there so we will be able to answer all your questions and help you to tackle your challenges. Don't hesitate to send us a message on LinkedIn or through this email address beforehand so we know you will be there !