Visio Nerf teams up with Inficon for leak testing of refrigerators

Earlier this year, Visio Nerf and Inficon gathered up to offer a solution for a leak testing application using our Cirrus 3D sensors. Volker Trieb, Market Manager at Inficon, wrote an article about this. Please find a translation of this article below :

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Visio Nerf will be alongside ABB for the Metal Inspiration Days 2021

 On November 24th and 25th, Visio Nerf will be at ABB’s office in Jönköping for the Metal Inspiration Days 2021. Our 3D sensors Cirrus 1200 will be featured in a complete and easy solution developed by ABB called FlexLoader FP 800. This machine will be perfect for bin-picking and can be used for various types of parts and different payloads, including heavy ones.

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Automation of industrial applications

Automation of industrial applications: the criteria to be considered and the smart solutions available to take the step towards the smart industry

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How to realize a primary trees of gearboxes bin picking application?


An automotive supplier automates the automatic feeding of raw foundry primary trees to a spinning press for the production of splines. The aim of this automation is to improve on-site production processes which were previously fed manually.

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Success story involving a practical application at Gestamp’s German site in Haynrode

The company has a great deal of confidence in our cirrus3D and eyesberg3D technology.

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Success story, the Renault Cleon factory expresses its confidence in the Cirrus3D-Eyesberg technology

Cléon is a factory in service in the Renault-Nissan Alliance and has 35 customer sites throughout the world. 46% of its activity is devoted to Renault and 54% to other makes (Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia, Nissan, Infiniti, Daimler et Fiat).

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